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DXT Ergonomic Mouse Designed For Comfort and Accuracy 

Scientifically proven design

A comprehensive study of intensive computer users within the US found DXT Ergonomic Mouse improves comfort and accuracy!

Over 80% of participants found the DXT Mouse more comfortable and accurate than a standard computer mouse and the Evoluent Vertical Mouse.

User comments

I decided to buy the DXT Vertical Mouse after seeing that it could help the pain in my right arm.

I sit at a desk all day, and over thirty years have got a constant shooting pain from the wrist up. I thought this item could do no harm and bought it….


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   DXT Ergonomic Mouse benefits


Ergonomic Mouse

Comfort – Designed around you!

Ergonomic relaxed wrist and hand position.

The design of the DXT Ergonomic Mouse enables the hand to work from a relaxed position reducing the tension on the soft tissues. In addition the vertical mouse design avoids extreme twisting of the forearm helping to increase comfort.

The vertical mouse  design may help to reduce such conditions as carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI taking advantage of the ambidextrous feature.

Accuracy and Productivity

Are accuracy and productivity important to you? If yes, the DXT Mouse should be your ergonomic mouse of choice. Most large ergonomic mice will reduce your accuracy. Research proves the DXT Mouse is more accurate than a standard mouse.

The best vertical mouse design should allow for comfort and accurate navigation. The DXT is designed around you and how your hand is designed to function.

Accuracy and Productivity

Left Handed Ergonomic Mouse

Right or left hand. It’s up to you!

The best ergonomic mouse design should allow for right and left hand use.

Ambidextrous design allows for right and left hand usage at the press of a button. This unique feature allows the user to spread the mouse usage throughout both right and left hands with the press of a button.


Fits most hand sizes

Designed to fit most hand sizes due to its unique design.

DXT Mouse Fits Most Hand Sizes

Compact Ergonomic Design

Compact ergonomic design

Compact vertical mouse design allows for the mouse to be easily portable and used in a number of locations.

The DXT’s small foot print allows for usage in most places whether on the train or on a busy desk.

Limited Grip Force

Due to the DXT’s clever ergonomic mouse design you can lift the mouse up using the lip above your thumb. This cool feature allows for accurate mouse positioning and reduced grip force when lifting the mouse.

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Limited Grip Force
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